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3 Year Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma Programme

This new 3 year Chinese Herbal Medicine diploma will teach the principles of classic Chinese Medicine theory and a wide variety of specialist techniques, taught by masters across a range of popular topics.

Foundation Course in Chinese Medicine

Year 1

Mastering the Properties of Individual Herbs & Essential Formulas

  • Learn 125 commonly used herbs.
  • Explore over 80 essential herbal formulas and the meaning of formulation.
  • Understanding the contradictions of pharmacognosy and pharmacology.
  • Start your journey on the herbal dispensing programme.
  • Observe and participate in clinical case study discussions.
3 Year Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma

Year 2

Continue Applying Herbs & Formulas to Disease-Based Conditions

  • Syndrome differentiation-based classic Chinese medicine theory with modern disease application.
  • Blended study covering topics, including gynaecology, dermatology, pain management, skin conditions & emotional disorders.
  • Observe and participate in clinical case study discussions.
Year 3 of 3 year chinese herbal medicine diploma

Year 3

Advanced Clinical Practice & Case Studies

  • Further improve your skill set with an in-person clinic practice within the Phoenix Academy network.
  • Complete 250 direct contact hours of clinical practice under the supervision of the qualified practitioners.
  • Undergo 150 clinical case studies whilst on placement.
  • Possess the opportunity to undergo a research degree model*.

Accredited by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Benefits of Enrolment

Study Trip 3 year chinese herbal medicine diploma

Learn from Experienced Masters

  • Be taught & supervised by masters of Chinese medicine with 30+ years teaching and clinical experience across the UK & China 
  • Upon graduation, receive a certificate of completion from Phoenix Academy & Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Phoenix Academy Alumni

Become Part of a Professional Body

  • Graduates will be able to obtain membership in a professional body (upon the course’s successful accreditation)
  • Boost your professional network and discover wider opportunities 
3-Year Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma (with registration fee)

Qualify for a Master’s Degree

  • Access one of the biggest TCM libraries in the world during this diploma programme
  • Gain a Master’s Degree by completing a dissertation and viva, in addition to the 3-year diploma programme 

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Why Study with Phoenix Academy?

The Phoenix Academy 3-Year Herbal Medicine Diploma is a new programme taught by masters of Chinese Medicine who possess over 30 years of clinical experience. This is taught both in-person and online over the 3 years. 

This diploma course is accredited by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and we have entered the scrutiny of submission documents phase of the EHTPA accreditation process.

This is designed to blend classic Chinese medicine theory with modern application and standards, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding and apply this knowledge to their clinical practice.

Herb Sample Pack

Each student that enrolls will receive a free herb sample pack containing 125 different herbs to help support learning. 

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Free 125 Herb Sample Pack

We Work Around You

Support your learning with our Moodle online platform and supervisor scheme.

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Student Flexibility

Accessible Support

Access SHUTCM’s library resources to assist with your studies, alongside our support from the admin team.

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Accessible Support

What Will You Achieve?

Phoenix Academy offers a range of different options for all students to enjoy a comprehensive learning experience, and to boost their career prospects.

Certificates of Graduation

Every student who completes the diploma will receive a certificate of graduation from both Phoenix Academy & SHUTCM.

Accepted Into Professional Bodies

Post-graduation, each student will have the opportunity to join a professional body.

Qualify for a Master’s Degree*

In addition to this diploma, graduates can apply to complete a dissertation and viva to earn a Master’s Degree with SHUTCM.

Boost Confidence to Practice

Learn from masters across a range of Chinese Medicine topics to enhance your clinic practice and professional skills.


Shanghai University of traditional Chinese Medicine Phoenix Academy
Federation Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Phoenix Academy

What Have Our Graduates Said?

Hear what our recent graduates and Phoenix Academy alumni have to say about their experiences…

Thanks to Phoenix Academy's amazing teachers I have become a better practitioner, my knowledge has deepened and new paths of wonder have opened. I can't wait to enrol in another course, as my passion for Chinese Medicine has blossomed!

Elda Edwards
Phoenix Academy Student

I went on the Shanghai study trip, and it was organised so smoothly from the first to the last day. Longhua Hospital had everything I expected, with excellent departments and doctors. Overall it was a great trip - highly recommend!

Oktay Tulga
Phoenix Academy Student

I always love the courses that Phoenix Academy provide. They are always easy to follow, and I get to tailor my skills with a range of Chinese Medicine products. Looking forward to the next course!

John Illingworth
Phoenix Academy Student

I am so happy I did the Herbal Course at Phoenix Academy. The course was very well organised with highly experienced TCM Doctors. Every lecture was well supported by two moderators who listened to the students feedback, responded quickly and professionally. This course gave me the skills and confidence to modify and prescribe herbs to my clients.

Maria Amparo Michavila
Phoenix Academy Student

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