Our Teachers

Zan Yu Chen
With over 30 years of TCM experience, Zan Yu Chen is a leading name within the Chinese medicine industry in the UK and China. He is a knowledgeable teacher, an experienced practitioner and the President of the FTCMP
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You Jun Wang
You Jun Wang is currently Course Leader of the Neijing: Su Wen Internal Classic Diploma and Supporting Tutor of the Virtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma run by Phoenix Academy.
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Fan Yi Meng
Fan Yi Meng is currently Course Leader at Middlesex University and a Supporting Tutor at Phoenix Academy.
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Kai Cun Zhao
Kai Cun Zhao has been for long time interested in the research in clinical Pharmacology and clinical trials of natural products and medicines developed from Chinese medicinal herbs. He worked as research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Imperial College and King’s College London respectively. His research works involved in the phase I clinical trial of artemisinin (Qinghaosu) and its derivatives was awarded the Prize for Scientific Progression by the Ministry of Public Health of China. While working on research, he is also attending clinical practice in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.
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Ming Zhao Cheng
Ming Zhao Cheng continued his post-doctoral medical research until he joined Middlesex University in 2000. He has since been working in the TCM field. He represented TCM on the Department of Health’s working group for regulation.
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Da Peng Zhang
After moving to London in 2007, Da Peng Zhang established the Dapeng Clinic in 2009 and now has two clinics, in Marylebone and on Harley Street. He practises body acupuncture, Tuina massage, herbal medicine and reflexology in his clinics to treat a number of ailments. He is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese.
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Dan Jiang
Dan Jiang is a fellow and mentor of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK, ATCM), and she is the founder and former editor in chief of the Journal of ATCM. In recent years, she has published more than 20 professional papers and a book titled “Principle and Practice of Chinese Medicine in the West”. One of her papers “Analysis of 50 Cases of ME treated with Traditional Acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine” was awarded for Excellent Paper in the 1995 second International Conference of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicines in Los Angeles USA. She has appeared in both Chinese and Western media for her success and experienced practice in TCM.
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Wei Chieh Young
His ‘no holding back’ attitude is the reason he continues to fill lecture halls and even throughout the development of modern health and herbal practice, Wei Chieh Young’s practise has remained effective and relevant. His understanding of TCM, in the philosophical and conceptual sense, underpins his ability to recreate success in more patients, treat new modern day diseases and share his passion and knowledge to other practitioners.
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Michael Chung
Michael Chung is currently living and working in Canada, teaching the Tung needling technique and establishing Bema Botanicals. His translation promises are clear, precise and extremely accurate after many years studying and translating Dr Young’s teachings.
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Huang Huang
We are fortunate to have experts like Huang Huang who are able to draw the essence from the well of Chinese medicine, who have the liveliness of mind to synthesise the contributions of doctors from the past, and can clinically apply the knowledge to modern life. Moreover, he is famous for his vivid and engaging way to teach Chinese medicine, so that his students learn quickly and with enjoyment.
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Hui Nie
Nie Hui’s specialty is scalp acupuncture. She is a master’s and doctoral student of Professor Zhishun Yu, who is a famous scalp acupuncture expert in China. During her master’s and doctoral studies, she mainly did scalp acupuncture research, and is good at treating neurological diseases with scalp acupuncture.
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