Wei Chieh Young
Supporting Tutor

Wei Chieh Young has spent over 40 years dedicated to TCM, researching, writing and practising. His most notable contribution to the TCM community has been laying the philosophical and TCM foundation for the special points discovered by Master Tung.

His ‘no holding back’ attitude is the reason he continues to fill lecture halls and even throughout the development of modern health and herbal practice, His practise has remained effective and relevant.  Wei Chieh Young’s understanding of TCM, in the philosophical and conceptual sense, underpins his ability to recreate success in more patients, treat new modern day diseases and share his passion and knowledge to other practitioners.

His interest in TCM began in his father’s wushu studio whilst learning orthopaedic care. He then independently studied TCM throughout high school, leading to mentorships with Dr Ma Guangya and Master Tung. From treating professors and classmates while in college to volunteer work in Tibet, he has continuously practised and overseen the care of thousands of patients.

Wei Chieh Young started teaching in the 1970’s, first as an apprentice to Master Tung then to local universities in Taiwan, and eventually to the rest of Asia and beyond. His passion for teaching is fuelled by his desire to share his research and the benefit more patients. He is favoured for his ability to make difficult concepts accessible and to transform them into effective results.

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