How to Assemble the Phoenix Heat Lamp with Digital Timer (with video instructions)

TDP therapy is becoming increasingly popular in clinical environments for its ability to treat a variety of conditions. At Phoenix, we are always looking to improve our product range to ensure that practitioners are supplied with the best equipment for their practice. That is why we have improved our Phoenix Heat Lamp with Digital Timer for use within a clinical setting, with video instructions on how to assemble this.

How Does It Work?

The Phoenix Heat Lamp with Digital Timer has been technologically improved for ease of use. We have tried and tested a variety of lamp heads whilst in production over 3 years of development to ensure practitioners receive the very best product. Combining these design elements allows for the lamp to treat more ailments on a wider surface area.

This strong and stable, user-friendly design is optimised for use in clinics as the flexible and adjustable arm has been extended by an extra 10cm, allowing practitioners to target those difficult-to-reach areas. With a height-adjustable feature, this means the lamp can vary between 50cm to 130cm high. The 5-foot wheelbase now allows practitioners to effortlessly transport the lamp around the clinic, while preventing tilting and instability. The lamp head, arm and pole are all fully rotatable. The 5 legs, cable and head are all manufactured testedCE approved and are available with a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

There is nothing worse than a monotonous ticking sound when you are trying to concentrate. Practitioners will be thrilled to hear that our digital timer is silent on the Phoenix Heat Lamp, allowing both the professional and the patient to be relaxed during treatment. The TDP plate contains 33 minerals to help replace any lost mineral content in the body. The lamp head can tilt and turn to focus treatment across different directions, with the ability to be removed and replaced easily. This product has an estimated working life of over 1000 hours, allowing this device to last for many years in a clinical environment. We provide replacement heads for the lamp, which can be purchased here via our online shop.


Assembling Phoenix Heat Lamp For TDP Therapy

Benefits of Heat Lamp Therapy

This method of therapy is becoming increasingly popular with acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals, as an effective method to treat patients. It is commonly used in conjunction with needling, for cold and deficient patterns, painful areas post-injury or for bi syndromes such as rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

The Phoenix Heat Lamp with Digital Timer is safe, non-invasive and easy to use, working to treat diseases by replacing the lost mineral content in the body. Heat and other frequencies improve circulation, hydration and oxygenation in the body. A single TDP heat lamp targeted at an area of the body can provide the following benefits:

  • Stimulates the hypothalamus to help patients sleep better, elevate mood, ease pain and lower hypertension
  • Promote the flow of Qi by relieving inflammation, joint pain, shoulder pain and joint pain
  • Treats skin conditions such as dermatitis, bruises and scarring
  • Kills infections and viruses such as pneumonia, colds and flu
  • Faster tissue and wound healing due to deeper penetration
Assembling Phoenix Heat Lamp For TDP Therapy

How to Assemble the Phoenix Heat Lamp with Digital Timer (with video instructions)

We have created a short video to demonstrate how to assemble the Phoenix Heat Lamp with Digital Timer in 9 easy steps:

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