Diploma Courses

At Phoenix Academy, we specialise in Chinese medicine education and our mission is to provide access to world-class academics. Due to current COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, we currently offer the Virtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma. Students who enrol for the 2020/2021 cohort are granted a £1,000 scholarship towards their fees. This scholarship is sponsored by our parent company, Phoenix Medical, who wishes to inject investment into the herbal medicine industry because now, more than ever, we need more herbalists. Contact us for information on our scholarship scheme.

Our courses are part-time and are designed for practicing acupuncturists, herbalists and other healthcare professionals. Our Diploma courses are held at the Institute of Chinese Medicine in central London. We have selected a highly esteemed team of University lectures to lead our courses, so you can rest assured that the level of teaching is of the highest standard.

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