CPD Courses

Diploma Courses

Classic Chinese Medicine Courses: The aim of the Phoenix Academy Education Programme is to enhance and consolidate professional standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Over the past few decades education in TCM has been developing rapidly throughout the UK with vast numbers of graduates qualifying as practitioners. TCM is faced with many critical challenges concerning legislation and other changing issues, therefore it is vital to ensure that our profession is maintained to a high standard.

We have a specialist team of teaching staff with rich clinical experience and a high reputation in Chinese medicine education. Furthermore, we are fortunate to have great connections with Chinese medicine masters from around the world. To ensure we are able to accommodate all students, we offer online or in-person diplomas and CPD programmes. This allows students from around the globe to learn virtually from the comfort of their own home or attend in-person courses to learn from renowned teachers and gain hands-on experience.

Additionally, we have a dedicated team at Phoenix Academy to support current students and answer any queries from potential students. We offer offline and online support to ensure all students receive guidance throughout their studies with Phoenix Academy.

To find out more about any of our programmes, please contact the Phoenix team.