Master Tung’s Acupuncture Workshop

Master Tung’s Acupuncture Workshop
Phoenix Academy is extremely proud to welcome Dr Michael Chung to host the Tung Acupuncture Masterclass. We are hosting this course online with an in-person workshop.
Master Tung's Acupuncture Workshop - Phoenix Academy

Master Tung’s Points are fondly referred to as ‘magic’ because in most cases, these points deliver instant and lasting results. Tung Acupuncture focuses on using fewer needles but achieving instant results.

Master Tung’s Points are located opposite the affected area (points on the head can treat the feet, and vice versa). For this reason, the body’s energetic pathways must be kept clear, so the practitioner selects only a few powerful points for treatment.

Tung’s acupuncture is very safe; most of the points are located on the extremities, pushing energy toward a deficiency or pulling it from an excess. Needles are never inserted at the site of pain or injury. This efficient system enables you to see many patients in a short time, and it’s perfect for network or group acupuncture. Patients love the simplicity and effectiveness of Tung’s Points treatments.

It is currently one of the most sought after and highly esteemed schools of acupuncture, characterized by its simplicity, ease of use, and great clinical efficacy.

This course is an extremely rare opportunity to learn the Tung Acupuncture system from a second-generation Master Tung disciple. 

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    Tung’s Acupuncture focuses on using fewer needles, usually around 6, with instant pain relief. By attending this masterclass, you are able to develop your knowledge and skills, meaning you are able to offer more services to your patients. Very few practitioners will have this exposure the Tung’s method, setting you apart from other acupuncturists, benefiting your career and skills.

    Although Tung’s acupuncture is famous for it’s unique set of acupuncture points, the unique points are just part of a much bigger picture. Tung’s acupuncture is a complete system that includes its own channels, unique points, diagnostic methods and needling techniques. Furthermore, Tung’s acupuncture is based on a five zang (six fu) channel system that is unique to the Tung system, and different from the traditional 14 channels of acupuncture. The five zang channel system however, is not widely known of, as it has been obscured in most of the literature regarding Tung’s acupuncture.

    All attendees of the event will receive a CPD certificate which counts towards your CPD. The masterclass will develop and enhance your abilities meaning it is recognised by the CPD. Students will receive 63 hours of CPD once they have completed the workshop.

    Online Lecturers | In-Person Workshops

    The in-person training will be held in London. 

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    1. The course will include knowledge-based teaching with a practice-based workshop.
    2. Fortnightly live sessions taught on Zoom on Sunday evenings, 6pm – 9pm UK time. The sessions will include theory, demonstrations and practice.
    3. Students are required to have their cameras on for the duration of the live sessions to ensure a more interactive teaching experience.
    4. All lessons will include Tung theory and points, as well as dedicated question and answer time with Dr Chung.
    5. Students will be required to complete homework before the lesson, which will be discussed and put into practice in the teaching.
    6. Dr Chung requires students to submit case studies to discuss and solve on the online teachings.
    7. Due to Dr Chung’s busy schedule, some lessons may be pre-recorded.
    8. This course is suitable for all acupuncturists wanting to further their skillset and knowledge.
    • Lectures on Tung’s Acupuncture – Therapeutic System by Dr Wei Chieh Young
    • Lectures on Tung’s Acupuncture – Points Study by Dr Wei Chieh Young
    • Illustrated Tung’s Acupuncture by Dr Wei Chieh Young
    • The 5 Transport Points by Dr Wei Chieh Young
    • One Needle Therapy by Dr Wei Chieh Young

    PLEASE NOTE: Phoenix Medical has a very limited stock of Dr Wei Chieh Young’s books for sale.

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    Dr Michael Chung
    Course Leader

    Dr Michael Chung received his Doctorate in Chinese Medicine from Tianjin University and has been a pupil of Dr Young for over 25 years. He has spent decades studying and researching Tung’s Acupuncture, as well as touring Asia, Europe and Canada with Dr Young translating and assisting his teachings.

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