We’re proud to announce that we will be hosting the first ever International Jing Fang Conference!

For the first time in history, ten of the world’s most knowledgeable Jing Fang teachers will be gathering under one roof to teach Chinese medicine practitioners how they use Classical Herbalism. Valued speakers include: Feng Shi Lun, Huang Huang, Lou Shao Kun, Li Sai Mei, Volker Scheid, Arnaud Versluys, Robert Yao, Wang San Hu, Wu Xiong Zhi and Tao You Qiang.

We have organised an 8-day event comprising of 2-day conference event and 6 CPD days.

During the conference weekend (29th-30th September 2018) each keynote speaker will give an in-depth insight into their chosen topic and schools of thought. Then to make the most of their time in the UK, we have organised a series of CPD courses throughout the following week from the 1st – 6th October 2018.

We wanted to make this event something to remember so we have also organised a 3-course gala dinner, which will allow you to socialise and network with not only the keynote speakers but also like-minded practitioners from all over the world. Afterwards, we can enjoy the rest of the evening dancing away to a live band.

Jing Fang 经方 or Classical Herbalism is its own school of thought, within Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s a system which identifies patterns according to the Six Channels, which was initially taught by Zhang Zhongjing in the Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage). This method is based on using simple ingredients and light dosages, which practitioners in the west have found incredibly effective in clinic.

Additionally, we categorise symptoms according to the Eight Guiding Principles: Yin & Yang, Exterior & Interior, Heat & Cold, Deficiency & Excess. Using this system, we are able to assign the appropriate herbal formulas to treat a plethora of diseases.

We have chosen the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel for its excellent transport links. The hotel is just a stone’s throw from London Heathrow Airport, where many speakers and delegates will be flying into. The hotel is also 15 minutes from central London via the Heathrow Express train and very accessible from the M25 and M4 motorways.

London Heathrow Marriott Hotel

Bath Road


UB3 5AN United Kingdom

If you’re new to Jing Fang and want to learn herbal medicine, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to start. Moreover, if you’re an Acupuncturist, this will be perfect for you as you already have knowledge in TCM.

Jing Fang is likened to conventional medicine whereby formulas are assigned to certain diseases, however, it looks deeper into a patient’s state of health and acquired health to solve the root cause. It is designed to treat the patient and not the disease.

Unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you will be learning how to use formulas as a whole, rather than the properties of each individual herb, which can be a more efficient way to learn herbal medicine.

What’s in store:

We’ve got an exciting line up of CPD courses to follow the conference weekend. We’ve split the schedule into English and Chinese spoken courses. Courses with Feng Shi Lun and Huang Huang will be translated into English.

CPD courses in English


To book courses, visit the Jing Fang Conference website.