Our teachers

We have a selected team of teaching staff with rich clinical experience and a high reputation in Chinese medicine education; many of whom work directly with ATCM and have taught TCM to degree level in Lincoln, London & Middlesex Universities. All of our in-house lecturers speak fluent English. We often have guest lecturers from all over the world and translators will be present if needed. We also host CPD courses in Mandarin Chinese (普通话)for Chinese speaking students.

Our approach is both innovative and practical to ensure students are exposed to as much experience as possible. Programmes involve regular lectures, discussions, seminars, workshops, supervisions, clinical observations, personal tutorials, case studies, apprenticeships and networking.

Our programmes are flexible and accessible to all practitioners and students or other healthcare professionals who are already practising or studying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Professor Ye Zhang


With over 35 years experience, Professor Ye Zhang is one of the UK’s foremost knowledgeable teacher and she is an experienced practitioner of TCM.

Dr Fanyi Meng


Dr Fanyi Meng is a senior lecturer and programme leader at the University of Lincoln for BSc Acupuncture

Dr Dan Jiang


Dr Dan Jiang is an experience practitioner who specialises in treating neurological diseases, infectious diseases, internal disease, gynaecology, infertility, pain management, cancer care.

Professor Huang Huang

Jing Fang, Shang Han Lun

Dr Huang Huang is one of the pioneers of Jing Fang (classical formula) practice and is internationally recognised for his inspiring teachings across the world.

Professor. Robert Yizhong Yao

Jing Fang

Robert Yizhong Yao is a professor at Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University in San Jose, California, USA. He is also a visiting professor at International Institute of Jing Fang in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, China. He has been working as a doctor and acupuncturist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in California since 1998.