Chinese Herbal Medicine

As partners of Shanghai University of TCM, we have access to world-class lecturers who have taught at University level and beyond across the globe. Our mission is to make herbal medicine courses more available to Chinese medicine practitioners and beginners in the west.

For Acupuncturists with no prior knowledge in herbal medicine, we recommend our Practical Herbal Medicine Diploma or the Jing Fang Diploma for a comprehensive route to a successful TCM practice. Our Herbal Medicine Diploma is based upon Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and our Jing Fang Diploma is based on Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine. Both styles are widely used in the UK and Europe.

For those who are new to Chinese Medicine, we recommend that you start with our 3-month Foundation Course in Chinese Medicine theory. This will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge to follow on with advanced level courses like our Practical Herbal Medicine Diploma and the Jing Fang Diploma.

We are also proud to be the organisers of the International Jing Fang Conference 2018. For this event, we offer an 8-day comprehensive event full of CPD courses and a conference weekend.  Our keynote speakers include Professor Feng Shi Lun, Professor Huang Huang, Dr Lou Shao Kun, Dr Arnaud Versluys, Professor Li Sai Mei, Professor Robert Yao, Dr Wu Xiong Zhi and Professor Wang San Hu.