Jing Fang

At Phoenix Academy, we’ve got access to the world’s most famed Jing Fang practitioners and we’re dedicated making Jing Fang 经方/Classical Herbalism education available to practitioners in the west.

Jing Fang is a system of herbal medicine which identifies formula patterns according to the Six Channels. This practice was first described in the classical text – the Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage). Jing Fang has been developed as it’s own style of Chinese medicine and has brought great clinical efficacy due to its use of light dosages of simple ingredients.

We’re also organisers of the world’s first International Jing Fang Conference which will take place from the 29th September – 6th October 2018. The event consists of 2 conference days and 6 CPD course days, giving you 8 days of comprehensive study like you’ve never experienced before. We’ve got 9 world renowned Jing Fang academics on board for this event to teach you the different angles and ways Jing Fang can be used in clinic to help others.

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