CHAT-COPD, Overview of a CMR Project Jointly Funded by China & the UK Government – Dr Merlin Willcox & Dr Xiao-Yang Hu (Day 1)


Dr Merlin Willcox – Clinical Lecturer in General Practice, University of Southampton

Dr Wilcox’s main research interests are primary health care, clinical trials of traditional herbal medicine and maternal and child health. He has been involved in several clinical trials for malaria and helped to set up a network of people involved in this field (RITAM).

Dr Xiao-Yang Hu – Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton and National Institute for Health and Care Research

Dr Hu has coordinated multiple research activities over the past ten years, with total funding of £1.3M in the past five years and 40+ SCI publications centring around integrating Chinese medicine in UK primary care settings.

‘CHAT-COPD, Overview of a Chinese Medicine Research Project Jointly Funded by China & the UK Government’


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