Illustrated Tung’s Acupuncture by Dr Wei Chieh Young (English)


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Illustrated Tung’s Acupuncture Contents

Chapter 1: Fingers

Chapter 2: Hand

Chapter 3: Forearm

Chapter 4: Upper Arm

Chapter 5: Plantar Side of the Foot

Chapter 6: Medial and Dorsal Side of Foot

Chapter 7: Leg

Chapter 8: Thigh

Chapter 9: Ear

Chapter 10: Head and Face

Chapter 11: Back

Chapter 12: Chest

Chapter 13: Addendum

Illustrated Tung’s Acupuncture by Dr Wei Chieh Young Author: Dr. Wei-Chieh Young Hard-Cover: 140 pp Publisher: American Chinese Cultural Center (Second Edition, Oct 2016) Language: English ISBN: 978-1-943744-02-2 Dimension: 8.5″ x 6″ x 0.5″ Weight: 11.4 oz

Description: The book contains more than 200 color photos of point locations. We created this illustrated guide to make it easier for the interested TCM practitioner to correctly locate Tung’s points. This book clearly locates each point in the local position, but also the entire coordinate locations. Use this guide to help you locate Tung’s Acupuncture points and make the correct puncture.

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