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Phoenix Academy is extremely proud to introduce the level 4 diploma in The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, taught by Dr YouJun Wang and Dr DaPeng Zhang. This flexible course allows students to gain an understanding of fundamental Chinese medicine study, using the teachings of the Internal Classic. This course is the first of its kind to be taught in English and offers acupuncturists and practitioners an opportunity to further their Chinese medicine knowledge.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Chinese medicine from one of the most important classics  – The Yellow Emperor’s Classic. Using carefully selected important chapters and paragraphs from the Internal Classic, the course will teach students how to apply the traditional principles to modern-day treatments in the clinic. The diploma will give students an understanding of classic Chinese medicine theories, methods and systems. 

The course will be taught by two dedicated TCM lecturers who have been doing the research work for more than 30 years and accumulated the most valuable experience in the field.

The course will not only overcome any limitations of understanding popular textbooks, but also showcase how to use ancient teachings for the modern interruption. It will bring the understanding of the Internal Classic to 2022 to be used in modern-day treatment in Western clinics. 

Course Aims and Objectives:

Course Outline:

  1. This is an online-only course with flexible lectures and dedicated tutorials. All lectures will be released on a Wednesday but students may watch them freely to ensure total accessibility. 
  2. Students will be required to attend 9 virtual tutorials with Dr Wang and Dr Zhang via Zoom. 
  3. Tutors will release the chapters and paragraphs before lectures to ensure pre-lesson study.
  4. There will be 3 open book exams, after every 9 lessons.
  5. Students may submit questions throughout the course – these will be covered via email or in the tutorial lessons.
  6. Upon successful completion, students will gain a Level 4 diploma and will have the ability to further their herbal medicine career. 

Course Fees:

  • Special introductory offer: save £1000!*
  • Payment options available to allow students to pay in manageable instalments
  • Previous students are entitled to a 10% discount. Contact us for more info. 
  • Secure your place with a 8% deposit and pay nothing until September. 
  • Please note: VAT will be added to your order if your billing address is in the UK.
  • Payment must be made via BACS or telephone payment.

Module Guide

  • About the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic (Nei Jing)
  • Life, Qi and Communication with Heaven
  • The Heaven and the Earth
  • The Response in Human

2 sessions

  • YinYang
  • Zang Organs and Manifestations (Five Phases)
  • Food and Drinks
  • Qi, Blood and Body Fluid
  • Spirit and Essence
  • Meridians and Collaterals

7 sessions

  • Six Excessive Factors of Weather 
  • Manual Labour and Tiredness
  • Mood, Emotion and Mind
  • Sex

1 session

  • Exogenous Impact
  • Endogenous Damage
  • Imbalance of YinYang
  • Excessiveness and Deficiency
  • Transmission and Development
  • Critical Conditions and Death

2 sessions

  • Wind
  • Impediment (Bi Disease)
  • Pain
  • Fever 
  • Reversals 
  • Paralysis 
  • Bloating 
  • Edema and Water Retention 
  • Cough
  • Tumor

6 sessions

  • Colour Diagnostics 
  • Pulse Diagnostics 
  • Inquiry

5 sessions

  • Treatment Principles 
  • Treatment Principles in NeiJing

2 sessions

  • Qi and Flavours
  • Forms of Prescriptions
  • Therapeutic Tactics

2 sessions

Reading Material & Reference Books:


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