Dr Hui Nie
Supporting Tutor

Dr Hui Nie has been studying TCM since 1978 and received her bachelor degree in 1983 from the University of Heilongjiang TCM. Once graduating, she taught acupuncture at the university before going on to study for her master’s degree in 1988. It was then that Dr Nie started to research and practice scalp acupuncture on stroke patients. Once receiving her master’s degree in Acupuncture, Dr Nie practiced as an associate professor in the University of Heilongjiang TCM hospital until studying for her PhD degree.

Throughout her time studying and practicing, Dr Nie continued researching and practicing scalp acupuncture. She worked as a vice – professor at the university before she moved to the UK, she was also the assistant director of neurology and acupuncture department in its teaching hospital before she arrived in the UK.

Dr. Nie Hui’s specialty is scalp acupuncture. She is a master’s and doctoral student of Professor Zhishun Yu, who is a famous scalp acupuncture expert in China. During Dr Nie master’s and doctoral studies, she mainly did scalp acupuncture research, and is good at treating neurological diseases with scalp acupuncture.

She has published more than 30 journal articles, won three scientific research awards, and co-edited 7 books. In 2018, he published a monograph “Introduction to scalp acupuncture 14 lines and clinical practice “. An English article was published in the international journal <Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience> in 2021.

Dr Hui Nie moved to Manchester, England in 2001. Dr Nie has practiced as a TCM doctor and acupuncturist at the Nie Acupuncture Clinic for 22 years in the UK. She is currently the president of the British Alumni Association of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. She is also now as an executive of the Scalp Acupuncture Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine.

She served as the leader of Northeast Region group of Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK from 2006 to 2011.

Served as an academic executive of the 15th and 16th Council of Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK (ATCM).

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