University Lecturer:

Middlesex University

Published Books:
  • Baiyun Zeng and Kaicun Zhao (2017). Neurobiology of Chinese Herbal Medicine – International
    Review of Neurobiology Volume 135. 1st Ed. Elsevier Inc. London. ISBN: 9780128117798
  • Baiyun Zeng, Kaicun Zhao and Fanrong Liang (2013). Neurobiology of Acupuncture – International
    Review of Neurobiology Volume 111. 1st Ed. Elsevier Inc. London. ISBN-10: 0124115454 | ISBN-13:
  • Zhao K (Co-author): (2009) Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, Zhao ZZ & Xiao PG, Chief Ed.
    1st Ed. Shanghai World Publishing Corporation, Shanghai; ISBN 978-7-5100-0968-6

About Dr Kaicun Zhao

Dr. Kaicun Zhao is the programme leader of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbal medicine degrees at Middlesex University. His expertise is focused on herbal materia medica and Chinese herbal formula.


  • Materia Medica
  • Chinese herbal formula
  • Herbal medicine research

Dr Kaicun Zhao teaches:

  • On the Herbal Medicine Diploma for Acupuncturists

Dr. Zhao also serves as a member of the Expert Advisory Groups on herbal medicines for British Pharmacopoeia Commission and a member of the Herbal Medicine Advisory Committee of MHRA. He worked for many years as a council member and then as the president of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, the largest professional body in Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the UK.

Dr. Zhao graduated with a Medical Bachelor degree in traditional Chinese herbal medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1982. Then, he gained a Master of Medicine degree following a further training at Peking Union Medical College. In 1994, he was awarded a PhD degree at Royal Postgraduate Medical School of London University and specialised in clinical pharmacology.

Dr. Zhao has been for long time interested in the research in clinical Pharmacology and clinical trials of natural products and medicines developed from Chinese medicinal herbs. He worked as research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Imperial College and King’s College London respectively. His research works involved in the phase I clinical trial of artemisinin (Qinghaosu) and its derivatives was awarded the Prize for Scientific Progression by the Ministry of Public Health of China. While working on research, he is also attending clinical practice in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Some selected publications are listed on the left.

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    Published Papers:
    • Bai-Yun Zeng and Kaicun Zhao (2014). Acupuncture treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The Journal of
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