Testimonials from last year's study trip to Shanghai

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28th October – 10th November 2018

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Each year we run a study trip to Shanghai, in partnership with the Shanghai University of TCM. This trip gives practitioners and students in the UK to experience acupuncture and herbal medicine like they have never before.

We could go on and on about how great it is, but it’s always better to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Here are some testimonials from last year’s study trip:

Patricia Smith

The Study trip to China in October this year was one of the most enlightening and enjoyable study trips that I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. My fellow students and I had the opportunity of being exposed to a wide range of experiences.

We visited the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Educational College, the Shanghai Museum of TCM and the Shanghai Qi Gong Research Institute which also housed a museum. We had one whole week of observational practical sessions at two world renowned hospitals, the Shu Guang TCM Hospital in Pudong and the Long Hua TCM Hospital in the Xu Hui district of Shanghai.

A trip out to the largest concentrated herbal medicine pharmaceutical factory in the world, Tian Jiang Pharmaceuticals, in Wu Xi proved to be an eye-opener and gave me insight into the research and quality control mechanisms that goes into producing the quality herbs that we get from Phoenix Medical.

But for me, the most rewarding experience on this trip was the opportunity to see Chinese doctors with their patients in the hospitals and to witness first hand, the skill and expertise of the doctors as they took cases and prescribed herbs effectively, confidently and with such ease. I was so impressed with how quickly and efficiently the doctors were able to get through as much as 30 cases in a morning session. I learnt so much about the herbs and feel much more confident in my own practice in diagnosing and prescribing herbs.

I am so glad that I was part of this study trip and would recommend this to those who are considering this trip. It is a trip that you would not want to miss.

Neil Quinton

The Shanghai trip was really great. What a great opportunity to study with such highly qualified teachers and deepen my understanding of qigong for health.

The classes were always in-depth and challenging too. I also met some great people from all around the world with similar interests. Shanghai is an amazing city with incredible food and lots to see and do. I will certainly go back there again.

[Neil’s agenda was based around Qigong. This was specially arranged for Neil. If you have any particular interests, please contact us.]

Rosemary Lillie

(This is Rosemary’s second trip with us, so we must be doing something right!)

In my opinion, to truly understand the impact and effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, you

need to experience its place in the Chinese medical system, and travel to China.

I was very fortunate to go to Shanghai with Phoenix Medical, as part of my herbal medicine qualification, and attend clinics in the integrated Chinese and western hospitals. We were able to observe clinicians at work, and with the help of excellent translators we were very much made part of the procedure. We could question the patient and the doctors, take pulses, observe tongues, and understand the diagnosis behind the prescriptions.

We also travelled to the factory that supplies Phoenix with its herbal granules, and this was very impressive. The testing of the herbs and granules at the factory was extremely thorough and advanced. The thoroughness of the whole operation and the strict adherence to quality standards explain why the quality and reliability of the products that Phoenix sells are of such high quality.

I found this trip to be an invaluable and very necessary part of my herbal training, and wish to thank Phoenix Academy for organising and running the trip.

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