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Phoenix Academy had the honour of hosting the Complete Course of Tung’s Acupuncture from 14th – 17th June. The course promised to teach the points, location and theory of Master Tung – the greatest acupuncture master who ever lived and it did not disappoint!

We were lucky enough to have Dr Wei Chieh Young teach the course. Dr Young was one of the 73 hand-picked students of Master Tung and has since spent his career teaching, practising and expanding Tung’s famous points. The course was translated by Dr Michael Chong who has been a pupil of Dr Young for over 25 years. He has also spent decades studying and researching Tung’s acupuncture, as well as touring Asia, Europe and Canada with Dr Young translating and assisting his teachings.

We spent over a year planning the course and it was a complete success! The 4-day comprehensive course focused on theories and needling methods, locations and manipulations and therapy of commonly seen and difficult diseases. Both Dr Young and Dr Chong gave deep analysis on how to effectively use Tung’s points to achieve quicker results using fewer needles.  All 75 students were amazed by Dr Young’s teachings and Dr Chong’s instant translations and many felt ready to put the theory into practice in their clinics!

As the course was a sell-out event and as we have had a high demand for Tung courses, we are pleased to announce we will be hosting future Tung workshops in 2019. The master classes will be taught by Dr Michael Chong who will focus more on the practical element of Tung’s points. We are certain this course will also sell out so if you would like to join the waiting list, please contact

We would like to thank all of the students for participating in the course. Many students travelled from far and wide and we thank you for all for your dedication to the industry and passion to learn. We would also like to thank all the staff at Phoenix Academy who spent many hours planning and organizing the event to ensure it ran smoothly. And finally, we would like to thank Dr Young and Dr Chong for this great opportunity and for sharing their knowledge, theory and passion with us.

As Chinese medicine isn’t taught through primary health care education systems in the UK, Phoenix Academy is devoted to continuing and developing TCM education. We offer diplomas, CPD courses and conferences for all abilities and all topics. Please visit our website or contact us on to find out more.