University Lecturer:

Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, (1982 – present)

Published books:

Applications of Medicinals with Classical Formulas,

Zhang Zhong-jing’s Clinical Application of 50 Medicinals

The Ten Classes of Formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Zhong Yi Shi Da Lei Fang, 中医十大类方)

The One Hundred Classical Formulas (Jing Fang Yi Bai Shou, 经方100首)

Huang Huang’s Guide to Clinical Application of Classical Formulas

Charm of Classical Formulas (Jing Fang De Mei Li, 经方的魅力)

Huang Huang’s Saloon of Classical Formulas (Huang Huang Jing Fang Sha Long, 黄煌经方沙龙)

About Professor Huang Huang

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Dean of the International Jing Fang Institute at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

World renowned specialist in Shang Han Lun, Jing Fang practice

We’re honoured to have Professor Huang Huang with us at Phoenix Academy as a guest lecturer, to teach us his extensive knowledge on Jing Fang in Chinese medicine.

Prof. Huang Huang is a professor at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. A prolific writer and editor, he has studied and worked in Japan, lectured widely throughout China, and recently in the United States and Australia as well.


  • Shang Han Lun 伤寒论, Jing Fang 经方 Classical Formulas

Prof. Huang Huang teaches:

  • Courses in the Jing Fang series

Dr Huang started his education in TCM and western medicine in 1973 with Mr Ye Bing-Ren, Mr Xing Li-Jiang and Mr Xia Yi-Jun, famous TCM doctors ifrom Jiangsu province. In 1979, Dr Huang majored in Chinese medical theory from Nanjing University of Chinese medicine. Thereafter, he obtained his masters in medicine in 1982. Since then, Dr Huang has worked for Nanjing University of CM as a professor and doctoral supervisor.

Dr Huang advocates the study and application of TCM classical formulas, modern literature on single herb and formula indications, and the application for classical formula patterns on constitutional types. Dr. Huang has focused on studying the experiences of famous TCM clinicians and examining the different schools of classical formulas, with a particular emphasis on studying the herb and formula indications. He encourages comparing different schools of thought in Chinese medical theory in each era.

Dr. Huang has written various books such as The Guidance of Case History (医案助读 Yi An Zhu Du), The One Hundred Classical Formulas (经方100首 Jing Fang 100 Shou), Applications of Medicinals with Classical Formulas (药证与经方 Yao Zheng yu Jing Fang), The Ten Classes of Formula of Traditional Chinese Medicine (中医十大类方) and Zhang Zhong-jing’s Clinical Application of 50 Medicinals (张仲景50味药证) etc.

The methods he shares with us stretch back to the early Qing-dynasty writings by Xu Ling-Tai (徐灵胎), and even to passages in Discussion of Cold Damage (伤寒论). Additionally, the Kampo tradition of Japan has also influenced his philosophy.

We are fortunate to have experts like Dr. Huang who are able to draw the essence from the well of Chinese medicine, who have the liveliness of mind to synthesise the contributions of doctors from the past, and can clinically apply the knowledge to modern life. Moreover, he is famous for his vivid and engaging way to teach Chinese medicine, so that his students learn quickly and with enjoyment.

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