As well as offering educational courses, we also provide TCM resources to students, practitioners and the general public. We work with regulatory bodies and institutions to produce essential resources for the industry. We believe it is our duty to share expert TCM-related knowledge in the form of journals and research papers.

The European Journal of Chinese Medicine

Volume 2 | June 2022

We are proud to collaborate with the European Journal of Chinese Medicine to produce an ISSN-approved journal. 

The European Journal of Chinese Medicine greatly welcomes TCM-related articles written by practitioners and/or students. If you would like your work featured in the next publication, please send the relevant articles to the editorial team to be reviewed. This is a paid opportunity for healthcare professionals to be featured in an ISSN registered publication. The journal is provided free of charge to not only practitioners but also to regulatory organisations, research institutes, educational academies and members of the general public.

Please contact us via: if you have a research paper you would like to submit for consideration.

Why Choose Phoenix Academy?

  • Variety of experts across wide range of Chinese medicine topics
  • Over 40+ years of TCM experience
  • Renowned professionals from over the world
  • Over 1,200+ students
  • Created new avenues of income
  • Enhanced their professional skillset
  • We continue to develop courses for continued development
  • Conducted both in-person and virtually
  • Comprehensive learning experience for students
  • Seeking accreditation for new Virtual 3 Year Diploma Programme
  • Provide new opportunities for practitioners to boost their career prospects
  • Spread the knowledge of TCM across the world