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Heart Health: 5 Natural Formulas to Re-Connect your Yin and Yang

The heart is the epicentre of your wellbeing. Keeping this healthy can protect you from heart diseases, which affects around 700,000 people yearly across the UK.

Whilst physical changes in your lifestyle can have a positive influence on your heart, pairing this with natural formulas is a fantastic step in the right direction.

Including authentic herbal supplements into your daily routine can be an easy way to re-connect your yin and yang to get your internal wellbeing goals back on track.

So, to revitalise your heart and soul, here’s how natural remedies may help…

What affects heart health?


Your heart is your most important muscle, since it is responsible for pumping blood and oxygen around your body to allow your organs to function correctly.

With an imbalance in your heart’s system, issues can arise including plaque formation in the lining of your arteries.

Heart disease and high cholesterol are the main culprits of an imbalance in heart function, so it’s important to keep things in check to ensure you’re ticking all the boxes.

How can I improve heart health in the short-term?

Following these recommendations can contribute to a healthier heart in the short-term:

  • Keep active
  • Include fish twice a week in your diet
  • Take up yoga
  • Stop smoking and drinking
  • Eat dark chocolate in moderation
  • Swap your mid-morning snack to nuts
  • Never skip breakfast

What about long-term solutions?

Utilising Chinese herbal supplements is a fantastic and sustainable way to potentially boost your heart health for longevity.

Check out the best remedies here:

Our daily recommended dosage of Chinese herbal supplements is 6 tablets*.

The traditional way of taking these is three tablets, twice a day (morning and evening).

Some of the Aura team prefer to take these with breakfast in the morning, and just before bed in the evening.

*We always recommend consulting a Chinese medical practitioner prior to starting supplementation, as they will be able to give tailored advice on your personal recommended daily dosage. 

How long does each formula last for?

Each bottle of Aura contains 60 tablets. Following the recommended daily intake, this will last 10 days when consuming 6 tablets per day to assist your wellbeing goals.

If you have been advised to take a lower dosage by your Chinese medical practitioner, these formulas may last up to 2 weeks.


Now that you’ve got an array of herbal supplements to support your heart function, kickstart your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle with the help of natural Chinese herbs. If you need more information please contact us and we will get back to you.


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