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Virtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma by Phoenix Academy, accredited by the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP)

The Coronavirus introduced distanced/remote consultations for the first time ever, as practitioners were unable to practice face-to-face. The pandemic brought many changes and caused many people to rethink the way in which they operate, including Phoenix Academy. Because of this, we introduced the Virtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma in 2020.

However, the world is beginning to change once again as we slowly start to return to a sense of normality. Once again, individuals are getting busier so we have tailored our programme to suit everyone. The 2022 cohort will feature pre-recorded lectures that will be accessible at any time, more teaching hours than ever before and further feedback on assignments. 

Students will be taught the fundamentals of Chinese herbal medicine online. The course will teach 10 modules over 10 months, followed by an open book exam at the end of the 10 months. Upon completion, students will become members of the FTCMP and will be able to practice Chinese herbal medicine. This course is exclusively for healthcare professionals who already have a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge.

Chinese herbal medicine: why now?

In March 2020, physical appointments and treatments stopped due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This affected thousands of practitioners who relied on face-to-face treatment, causing many practitioners to stop treatments altogether. However, those practitioners who are trained in herbal medicine were able to continue practising using online and remote diagnoses. This added skill allowed herbalists to have a steady income and ensured patients were still able to receive treatment.

By learning Chinese herbal medicine, you are setting yourself apart from other practitioners. You are able to broaden your knowledge and further skillset, which allows you to treat more patients and have other avenues of income.

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture work in synergy. Our Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine is designed for healthcare professionals who want to expand their TCM career by following on with herbal medicine.

How the course works:

  1. 10 modules will be taught over 20 three-hour sessions. These sessions will be pre-recorded and released in the first two weeks of the month. 
  2. 3 hour discussion, Q&A and revision sessions taught live by Dr Zan Yu Chen on the third week of the month. 
  3. Live assignment feedback and revision tips provided by your course tutors on the last week of the month. 
  4. 60 hours of lessons + 30 hours of tutorials + 20 hours of feedback + 240 hours of self study
  5. The accessible diploma will combine online tutoring and offline support
  6. Dr Zan Yu Chen will teach commonly used herbs and formulas to ensure students understand which herbs are used, but more importantly, why they are used to ensure a deeper understanding of Chinese herbal medicine
  7. Students will learn the functions of over 150 commonly used herbs and 70 commonly based formulas
  8. Students are required to complete a short quiz and 1000 word essay after each module before a final assessment at the end of the course
  9. Students will be required to complete two examinations at the end of the course. The first exam will be a multiple-choice exam on individual herbs and formulas. The second exam will require students to analyse and assess two case studies

This is a 10 month, part-time course. The lectures will be available to students on the first two weeks of the month. 

Yes, this course is designed specifically for health professionals who have been trained in Acupuncture and also want to continue their TCM learning in herbal medicine. Applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

This course was designed to fit around practising acupuncturists’ busy schedules, social and family lives.

This is a virtual course whereby all lectures and course tutorials are held online.

Our course is accredited by the FTCMP, and thus can allow you to become a member of the FTCMP after completion of the course. If you would like to join any other professional bodies please contact them directly.

Our herbal medicine course is jointly run with the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and taught by Dr Zan Yu Chen, the President of the FTCMP. This partnership allows us to achieve a high level of educational standard. This course has also been granted accreditation by the FTCMP, therefore successful completion will result in a Diploma qualification and  will allow you to become a registered member of the professional body (FTCMP).

Students will also be given access to Phoenix Academy’s Moodle system. The online learning platform is designed to make your education content as organised and streamlined as possible. It will host all lecture material, lecture videos, examinations and quizzes and will allow easy communication between students and lecturers.

We have redesigned the course to ensure there are 10 modules, which will be covered step by step through self-study, virtual tutorials, and web learning exchange. You will focus on each module by carrying out thoroughly all these teaching-learning parts in 1 month. A professional and rigorous training for students will be guaranteed.

Students will also be able to access offline support with their dedicated tutor, to help with any questions or queries regarding lectures, homework, tests, course content etc.

Phoenix Academy also has a dedicated support team to assist with any admin queries.

We now run our teaching sessions online. All of our lectures can be accessed online.

All tutorials and group discussions will be recorded and shared with students. 

Students will also be able to access all course content on their Moodle dashboard.

Upon successful completion, students will receive a Level 7 Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine and will be able to register with the FTCMP to practice Chinese medicine. 

Module Guide

2 sessions + 1 tutorial + 1 feedback session

2 sessions + 1 tutorial + 1 feedback session

4 sessions + 2 tutorials + 2 feedback sessions

2 sessions + 1 tutorial + 1 feedback session

2 sessions + 1 tutorial + 1 feedback session

2 sessions + 1 tutorial + 1 feedback session

2 sessions + 1 tutorial + 1 feedback session

1 x Mock Exam

1 x Final Examination 

*The examination will be open-book and will include multiple choice questions and case study questions. 

Previous Student Testimonials
Virtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma 2020 - 2021
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This course provides a base knowledge of herbs & formulas with the flexibility of evening, home study ideal for those that can't travel for further study. The lecturer and tutor have many years experience and a great depth of knowledge answering many questions in detail. The course has been detailed and stretching.
Previous Student TestimonialsVirtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma 2020 - 2021
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Thank you for this wonderful course, that was so well organised. Special thank you to Anna for been always there replying every question and listen suggestions and helping proactively. Thanks to Chanyun for her help in the chat in every lecture with the translations. Special thank you to Dr. Chen, so humble and wised and generous sharing his knowledge. And thank you to Dr. Wang for provide incredible notes of each lecture. Thank you as well to Dr. Zhao and Dr. Meng that although are not my tutors I attended to some tutorials and I find very helpful and useful.
Previous Student Testimonials
Virtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma 2020 - 2021
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Excellent course delivered by very experienced practitioners who are passionate about the subject and happy to share their knowledge.
Previous Student Testimonials
Virtual Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma 2020 - 2021
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It's been a steep learning experience but a wonderful course. Dr Chen and the other tutors are a wealth of knowledge and the admin team have been so supportive. Highly recommend it.


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